Outdoor advertising signs are an essential part of information-conveying methods. Whether you want to promote your product, send wayfinding information to pedestrians, or convey a social message, you can do the same effectively with the help of outdoor signs. Are you looking for proper outdoor signs in Brighton? Here are a few options that you can find at every nook and corner of the street.

What are the different types of outdoor advertising signs?

Signboards and Banners

The most iconic and traditional medium of ads is to promote through signboards and banners. They are large, with images and messages written in clear language to deliver impactful results to the target audience. Banners are a cost-effective solution. They are also used to promote and inform dates of events and highlight special offers.

Pavement Signs

They are placed on the pavements to attract the attention of the foot traffic. You’ll find pavement signs in front of cafes, restaurants, or retail stores. These signs are generally informative with messages, discounts, offers, and special menus that will instantly attract the passerby to the cafe or retail shop.

Wayfinding Signs

These signs are vital because they have information that guides people around the way. You’ll commonly find them in malls, car parking, airports, bus stands, and university campuses. These signs carry messages like directions, information about important locations, and maps of the premises. You can find your way conveniently with the help of the wayfinding signs.

Digital Signs

Digital displays are the new ways of advertisement. These signs include LED screens and electronic sign boards. These are visually enhancing display boards. You’ll see images coming in and out through the digital signs. The best part of digital displays is that you’ll instantly be attracted to the sign and get real-time updates.

Street Furniture Signs

These signs are commonly found in street-side furniture pieces. You’ll also find them glued to the benches, bus stands and kiosks. When the companies are in no hurry to get the ad highlighted to the target audience, this can be a convenient and cost-effective advertisement option. However, this works slowly.

Vehicle Signs

If you want your product and service to come under the limelight quickly, then vehicle-wrapped signs are an essential technique to do the same. Here, you need to wrap the vehicle’s body with the ad banner so that everyone can see the ad whenever the vehicle moves around.

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