Do you know that some business signs are eye-catching even when printed in black and white design? However, you want to add colours and take time on professional designs for the signs. In this blog, you will know the different types of commercial signs in Brighton and where they are being used.

If you are running a business, knowing these signs will help you to promote your business and establish brand awareness. To make the best signs, you can also get help from a reputed company that offers specialised signs for commercial purposes.

What Are the Major Commercial Signs You Need To Use


The customised banners, whether hanging vinyl banners, x-stand banners or retractable banners, stand out among all the varieties available and grab people’s attention, no matter where they are being used.

The banners are a perfect example of an eye-catching business sign for trade show events and also to promote your business’s grand opening, whether hiring, giving a huge sale, advertising a new type of product or service and many more.

No matter what industry you are using the signs or what type of message you want to show, these banners are highly effective in attracting anyone passing the business sign.


Yes, traditional print media has always worked for all businesses. The poster signs are also no exception. Even the posters you see hanging on school walls grab passers-by’s attention.

This is why a well-designed customised business poster is an eye-catching option. They are highly affordable and versatile. They come in different standard and custom sizes. They can be placed in the frame and add a professional touch.

Yard Signs

The custom yard sign used on the lawn, street, and in front of the business is only possible for the passer-by to notice and is a perfect local advertising business promotional tool. They help target the audience in the given area you are placing them in. They spread brand awareness among people, are cost-effective, and drive much more traffic. This is why the political yard signs, construction yard signs, lawn care signs, and similar signs are grabbing viewers’ attention.

Window Decals

A blank window in your car, store, or office looks dull. People do not expect to have a message written on the window, but they look for creative window decals to grab attention. These decals come in various materials and are used as per requirement.

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