Have you ever wondered why workplaces have several safety signs? As an employer, ensuring maximum safety in your commercial premises is your responsibility. Health & safety signs provide your employees and visitors with clear and precise information. Having safety signs can prevent accidents and injuries among workers. We suggest hiring a professional company for healthy and safety signs in Richmond. Let’s dive deeper into the subject.

Understanding the Importance of Healthy & Safety Signs

What are health & safety signs?

Health & safety signs include instructions, guidance and information related to safety in the workplace. They play an important role in employees’ welfare while meeting certain legislation. Failure to ensure your workplace safety can put you in some legal trouble.

Let’s move forward with some essentials of safety signs.

Main Components of Safety Signs

There are four main safety signs components to help the reader understand the purpose.

  • Shape
  • Colour
  • Text
  • Pictogram

Common Types of Safety Signs

Emergency escape signs

These types of signs convey messages regarding emergency exits and escape routes. Emergency escape signs also include signs directing towards rescue facilities or first aid. They are generally green in colour with white pictograms and text.

Warnings signs

They are also known as hazard or caution signs. Their purpose is to inform people to pay extra attention to a definite hazard like electrical wiring. These signs are generally yellow in colour, with a black pictogram surrounded by a thick black border.

Mandatory signs

This type of sign aims to convey definite actions to mitigate potential health risks. Mandatory signs are safety symbols of white colour with a blue background.

Prohibition signs

These signs convey behaviours that can harm others—for example, no smoking signs. Prohibition signs are generally seen in the workplace or public places to protect the safety of other people. Such signs comprise a black safety symbol within a red circle and a diagonal line running through.

Fire safety signs

Fire safety signs convey information about fire exits and escape routes in a premise. They also provide information on a building’s fire marshals and firefighting equipment like fire extinguishers. Please note that such signs are identified by colour. Fire equipment signs are typically red in colour with white pictograms and text. On the other hand, fire exit signs feature green colour with white pictograms and text.

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