Traffic signs ensure smooth traffic by informing drivers of the correct lanes to drive in. They ensure discipline on the roads, thus reducing the number of accidents. They come in different colours and shapes. As far as the background colour of the traffic signs is concerned, they help identify the type of information displayed on the sign. One of the most complicated tasks for drivers and pedestrians is to know the meaning of each colour and remember those. Knowing what each traffic sign means is very important as it ensures that you will reach your destination safely.

The Common Road Sign Colours And What They Indicate

  • Black And White

Posted regulations, including speed limits, are generally seen as black and white road signs. The primary objective of the regulatory sign is to inform others what they can and can’t do on the road. Most of the black and white road signs instruct the minimum and maximum speed limits for various vehicles on limited-access highways and freeways. The signs on maintenance and construction zones have a lower speed limit than signs found on highways. It is also illegal to drive slower than the minimum speed limit.

  • Yellow

Yellow signs act as a warning for drivers and pedestrians. They instruct others to drive with caution, slow down when necessary and convey a general warning. While some of these road signs are completely yellow, others are found in yellow and green with black symbols or wording. Most of the yellow signs in Leatherhead warn about possible hazards near the roadway.

  • Green

Green is often used as guide signs and communicates directional guidance. In some of the signs, you might also find mileage information about the roads ahead. The colour makes it easier for drivers to easily find the information they need as the shade is quite attractive. It gives highway directions and guides drivers through the highway and tells them how far a specific place is from where they are.

  • Orange

Though orange signs in Reigate are not quite common on the roads, you will see them near construction sites. It alerts others of possible dangers ahead because of some ongoing maintenance or construction work. If you see an orange road sign while driving, reduce your speed and look for workers directing traffic.

Since you are now aware of the common road sign colours and what they indicate, it’s time you get in touch with the experts at Surrey Signs & Display Ltd.