A good sign doesn’t mean a flash of neons to attract the audience’s attention. Rather the definition of a good sign is completely different. With the right set of colour combinations, designs, font size, graphics, and information, signage can be an effective marketing tool. Get hold of a professional signwriter in Guildford, and you’ll surely get some good amounts of business for your organisation. 

Here’s what you need to keep in mind when you focus on getting well-designed signage. You can hire some of the best signwriters in Sutton for the job and get the best signage designed. Keep these factors in mind before you start designing the same. 

5 Factors That Should be Kept in Mind for a Good Signage

High visibility 

If the sign is not visible, it is not worth it. Several factors like the size of the signboard, placement of the same, geographic location and contrasting qualities make the sign visible. The purpose of a good sign is to make it visible to more and more people. Thus visibility plays an important role.  

Informative signs 

A sign that provides information to the audience is effective and always serves the purpose. Hence, it is the basic requirement of every sign board to be informative. For warning sign boards, placement of the same near hazardous areas is required. Otherwise, the sign will not serve the due purpose.  

Appropriate graphics 

A good design can convey the message to the audience at a single glance. For this, the use of appropriate graphics and design is essential. Hence when you hire a sign writer, make sure that you check the experience of the same in terms of graphics designing. Sometimes, the most important information can be conveyed through a design, not words. This makes a Signage board effective. 

Appropriate lightings

 both internal and external lighting is essential for a Signage board as it helps to make the signs visible even from a distance. You can use LED lights to illuminate the information during the daytime and special night lights help highlight the information during the night. 

Colour combination

 You must choose the right type of colours and font size for the write-ups published on the signage. The colours used for text should be bright and identifiable. Use a blend of both dark and light colours. Use contrasting colours so that it becomes attractive and reachable to the audience. 

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