It is not necessary to use bright colours or neon lights to create business signs to get the attention of your target customers. Several factors work together to make business signs effective and noticeable to customers.

Before you hire a professional team of signwriters in Horsham, it is required to understand the basic traits of good business signs.

  • Excellent Visibility

A sign is nothing without getting adequate attention. To get attention, the signs do not need to be made of neon lights. There are factors like shape, size, placement and colour that have a huge impact on determining the visibility of a sign outside a store. Even if a colour sign cannot be clearly visible, it is not big enough in size. So, you should give emphasis to all these factors while designing a sign for your brand. You need to build a sign that can be physically visible to as many people as possible. 

  • Enough Information

Good business signs always provide relevant and enough information about a brand within a small area. From the brand name to the contact information and any special offer – everything must be mentioned in the sign to attract and guide the potential clients. The sign can also include lucrative announcements, offers, discounts and promotional events to keep people talking about the brand.

  • Best Colour Combination

Try to use the colour of your brand’s logo while creating a sign. This will help the sign to represent your brand rightly. People will find it relevant to your business when they see the use of similar hues. However, it should be the job of a professional signwriter to understand how to design and develop signs with brand-specific colours.


  • Sort and Effective

Signs are not banners or flex. Often they get minimal space for display. In most cases, it is the door or outdoor walls of a store where signs are displayed. Good business signage must be short but effective. The message must be brief but clear to the audience. This makes the sign successful within your budget.

Hiring Best Sign Writers in Horsham

To obtain the best signs and displays for your business, you must consider hiring an experienced and reliable company. They should understand your requirements and deliver the services without any delay.

Surrey Signs & Display Ltd offers professional sign creation services for different industries. From shops to vehicles – we can create interesting and effective signs according to your need and budget.

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